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Judith North is an abstract painter. She is interested in exploring the interplay between memory and perception. Her work is focused on creating work that encourages the viewer's imagination, while avoiding figurative references. She approaches her work instinctively. By dislocating herself from her conscious thoughts, she aims to allow her paintings to take on a life of their own. 

Drawing inspiration from everyday experiences, she seeks to recreate in her paintings, memories from deep within her subconscious. Her abstract paintings are created using thin layers of paint, overpainting and obliterating as she works, resulting in a visible history within the final piece. 

In Judith’s painting process, she aims to draw a parallel between the process of creating a painting and the processes of thought and memory as we strive to find and recall our own memories. Just as the history of her paintings can be seen, our own memories are shaped by the layers of experiences that build over time. 


Judith North (born Bristol, England) lives and works in South West London. She studied Fine Art at the Sir John Cass School of Art, London Metropolitan University having originally studied Mathematics and Art History at London University.

Selected works available for sale through Wychwood Art Gallery
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