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My painting has become more and more abstract over the years. When my work is figurative, my intention is that it is ambiguous. My recent paintings have been driven by a desire to create purely abstract images. I am aiming to remove concrete references. I deliberately try to be literal, not to map things in the real world directly to things in my paintings. I want to dislocate reality and my painting.  

My inspiration comes from many sources, from my experience of the world around me and from my internalisation of that experience. My painting process reflects the conceptualisation of an internal landscape. There are layers, overlaps, intersections - like thought processes; sometimes overworked and knotty and sometimes empty and vague. I sometimes use observational drawing or photographs to initiate work but tend to draw more on memory, particularly using colour to express emotion.

I live and work in South West London. I originally studied Art History and Mathematics at London University, followed some years later by a BA in Fine Art at the Cass in East London. 


Selected works available for sale through Wychwood Art Gallery
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Judith North
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