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Between you and me is a collaborative work by Judith North and Charmaine Stimson.

The work explores the relationship between individual viewpoints. Each of us has our own unique standpoint, both in physical terms and in terms of our own opinions and attitudes. There may be overlaps with the views of others, but this collective agreement will never be a complete match. The extent to which our views mesh with those of others provides us with a measure of our common ground.

Taking everyday street scenes as a starting point, the between you and me paintings and animation capture those elements that were common to both artists’ different physical standpoints. As two interpretations of the same scene vie with each other, an area of agreement emerges – a common ground which seems to take on its own form and become an entity in its own right.  







between you and me #7

between you and me #6

between you and me #5

between you and me #3

between you and me #2

between you and me #1

Between you and me. Study 2c

Between you and me. Study 2d

Between you and me. Study 5c
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